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What we mean by "gluten free"...
People are increasingly choosing to forego the gluten protein found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye.  And not all of them have been diagnosed as being celiac.  Whatever the reason, we're here to try our best to meet your expectations of health, safety and taste.
Health and Safety As far as Health Canada is concerned, products claiming to be "gluten-free" must meet the following basic requirements:
     --  Levels of gluten must not exceed 20 ppm as a result of cross-contamination and,
     --  Products must not contain the gluten protein from the grain of, or hybridized grain of, barley, oats, rye, triticale, wheat, kamut or spelt.

We don't use any of these ingredients. While there is no requirement to produce gluten-free products in a dedicated facility, our dedicated facility only uses ingredients that we've tested to be safe at gluten protein levels of less than or equal to 5 ppm.
Taste We want our products to taste at least as good as their gluten-laden counterparts. We make them from scratch, we use organic and/or non-GMO ingredients where ever possible, we make them free of chemical preservatives, anti-staling agents or cellulose fillers and we deliver them fresh.
Ordering directly from us...
We're sorry but we do not accept orders from non-wholesale customers.
About Us...
Who We Are We are a wholesale gluten-free bakery currently serving and supplying the people of Vancouver Island through reputable, independent retail outlets.
Brief History Heavenly Goodies was founded by its original owner, Ulla MacAuley, in the late 1980`s and has been producing quality baked goods from the same location ever since. It has been operated by the current owners, Ian and Cheryl Macgregor, since May 2005 (incorporated Dec 2005). Gluten-free products were first offered sale in the spring of 2006. And, in June 2014, the bakery shut down for 3 1/2 weeks for extensive maintenance and a thorough cleaning and then reopened as a dedicated gluten-free facility.